Coming Soon - Des Dunn Westerns

Des Dunn authored over 500 short Western novels over four decades of creative work.

Each story captures the essence of the Wild West - a tumultuous and romanticised era in American history when untamed lands and fearless individuals defined the spirit of the nation.

These novels were published in Australia under the pseudonyms of Shad Denver, Gunn Halliday, Adam Brady, Brett Iverson, Matt Cregan, Sheldon B. Cole, Walt Renwick and Morgan Culp.

His estate is now pleased to be able to offer his significant legacy in a new format under the aegis of Des Dunn Westerns.

Step into the rugged landscapes of the American frontier, where lawmen and outlaws, pioneers and gunslingers, clash under the scorching sun.

Click the images below to find stories of the Wild West by Des Dunn: