Prostate Cancer

March 7, 2017
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September 25, 2017

Prostate Cancer

Not Necessarily a Death Sentence

by Eric J. Thorne

In 2014, at age 80, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

This story unveils my personal involvements with various members of the medical profession over several months. My narrative is descriptive and reveals all. Penning my story was a therapeutic exercise from which I greatly benefitted.

There is an urgent need for those within the medical profession to effectively communicate with their patients. Likewise, patients and their representatives should not hesitate to question and clarify any aspect of suggested therapies not understood. Similarly, there is a pressing need for the public to accept those practising medicine are human beings.

This book covers the embarrassing, sometimes taboo subject of men’s health. Why, I will never know. Men, as a class, have a lot to learn from their women folk when it comes to health issues: why is breast cancer always front page news while prostate cancer is languishing with rarely a public mention? It is time for men to follow the lead given by our women. Men must take responsibility for their own health.

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