Dawn of Gold

Darkness over Love
December 29, 2016
Diplomatic Digs
December 29, 2016
Darkness over Love
December 29, 2016
Diplomatic Digs
December 29, 2016

Dawn of Gold

The Real Story of Money

By Philip Barton

Different schools of economics have pushed their theories on the origins and functions of money with the fevered eagerness of religious fanatics. To the average person, not much of what any of them say makes sense. That is because it doesn't. All schools of money have based their theories on flawed perceptions, best guesses and an academic casualness that makes tea-leaf reading look like a disciplined science.

Dawn of Gold unravels the confused tangle of knotted theories and produces for the first time the radically different, but real story of money. Dawn of Gold is Money 101. It needs to be bought, read and understood by every student of not just money, but life.

See a Youtube video featuring Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals, where he mentions Dawn of Gold at the 22.45 mark.

'I was stunned … after reading the first 100 pages, I still had no idea what you would be coming up with in the last part.' 
Dick Seegers – Edelmetaal (The Netherlands)

'I am working my way through your book, and I must congratulate you on having produced a valuable book, indeed!  Will continue reading your opus, and will recommend to all who will listen, beginning with my own family.'

'Your book allows the reader to reach a new vision about money' 

'I finally had a quiet day so ran a deep bath and spent an hour with the dawn of gold. It's brilliant. A total page turner and an absolutely fantastic book.' 

'Man your book is good.  I’m nearly finished!  It is awesome, wonderful and amazing.' 

'I finished the book... and enjoyed it a lot.  I think you could have called the book "Beyond Menger"!  Menger stuck to the commercial, market aspect of money and ignored the long history and prehistory that led to the value of Gold before the commercial aspects even existed.'

'I really got the whole story; what a lot of work and so well written.'

Available in Hardback (ISBN: 9780992588076) through the following booksellers:


Angus & RobertsonBarnes & Noble



Also available in eBook as a PDF (ISBN: 9780992588083) through the on-line eBookseller 'PayHip'

Go to 'Checkout' on the Payhip site and you will then be taken to PayPal where you can check out with your PayPal account or use a Credit Card. A download link will be sent to your email address.