The West in a Nutshell

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December 29, 2016
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December 29, 2016

The West in a Nutshell

Foundations, Fragilities, Futures

By Paul Monk

The West in a Nutshell is a book of reflective essays by Australian author Paul Monk. He subjects the world’s mystery and beauty to scrutinizing study.

The essays invite the reader to ponder the riches of Western civilisation and they present a distillation of those ideas that are most enduring and powerful in the Western intellectual tradition.

Exploring topics from history to religion, sport, poetry, opera, philosophy and geopolitics, Paul beckons the reader into the halls of Western culture.

Read the Essay On Myth and pre-Classical History

Read a Review of The West in a Nurshell titled 'That rarest of things' by Nicolas Rothwell, July 2009

Available in Hardcover (ISBN: 9780958583893)

Also available in eBook as a PDF (ISBN: 9780980663341) through the on-line eBookseller 'PayHip'

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