Half a Mile in Thirty Years

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December 29, 2016
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December 29, 2016

Half a Mile in Thirty Years

From Duntroon to Russell

By Peter Evans

Peter writes:

'The genesis of this book was a rather raucous Corps of Signals reunion where a few of us were exchanging stories about characters in the Corps. One of the party suggested I should commit my memories to paper while I was still able. This seemed like a good idea but then I thought I should weave these tales through my own story.

'My career spanned much of the Cold War, extensive social and political change and almost unbelievable technological advancement, so this story may be of some interest to more than just my immediate family.

'This book is not intended as a rigorous history but the tale of a simple soldier and a very proud member of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals.'

Read the sample chapter 'Director of Communications-Army'

Available in eBook (ISBN: 9780987586452)

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