The Politics of Consciousness

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May 25, 2018
December 29, 2016

The Politics of Consciousness

by Feluna Nyathi

The Politics of Consciousness redresses the common conceptions of the nature of Being. It is a book that restores the true value of God.

God is the collective stream of consciousness. God is a Being with many aspects. The collective stream of consciousness is one level of Being. It is a level that is equal to a worlds level of growth. It is a level that reflects a civilisation’s level of understanding and is bench mark which a civilisation incorporation of codes into their understanding is measured.

The level of growth of any civilisation is measured using the collective stream of consciousness. The collective stream is a level of growth that is in the Field of thought known to humanity as the zero-point field. The Field of Thought is composition of composite energies that are directed at energy clusters in existence. These compositions are a specific type of energy that is a regrouping of energies that amalgamate in specific ways. This amalgamation is a sure way of restructuring energy clusters so that they are never in a state of decay.

We are Beings that are solidly energy redirect experts, but we do not understand the way the laws of creation work. The laws of creation are never wrong. They follow specific vibrations that are known in science as energy maps. This is the foundation of existence. It ensures all of existence is in harmony. Streams of consciousness are energy maps that are composites and that are in harmony with existence. Thus, our understanding of streams of consciousness and their application is crucial to our existence. This is the heart of the nature of Being.

This book is redressing our understanding of the nature of God and it is the first in a series that redirects energies so that we understand the science of God in quantum physics.

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