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A Journey into the Keveri and Ada’u Valleys of Eastern Papua

by David Lindley

David Lindley has written a beautiful account of his geological and exploration work in the Keveri and Ada’u Valleys of Eastern Papua from 1988 to the present.

David has documented the endless variations in landforms, rock formations and vegetation in the region. He recounts the goldmining history and the history of European penetration and first contact with the Ba'u and Keveri tribes in the little known Keveri Valley.

David's book features many beautiful images along with historical maps and the natural history of the region.

A walk of three days over rough country and high mountains took us across the main range into a magnificent valley, ten by fifteen miles, of undulating open grass country ... The valley is a most healthy one and well adapted for European settlement - well watered, and good pasture country.

The Keveri Valley is an upland landscape, an intermontane basin filled with gravels, sands and muds derived from the rapid erosion of the encircling Main Range and Mt Suckling.
David Lindley

For anyone interested in spectacular geology, trekking or exploration in Papua New Guinea, this book is an important addition to your bookshelf.
From a Review by Justin Taylan

Available in full colour hardcover (ISBN: 9780648202547) through the following booksellers

Available in full colour paperback (ISBN: 9780648202554) through the following booksellers