Hannah Paints the Moon

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December 29, 2016
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December 29, 2016

Hannah Paints the Moon

By Christopher J. White

Hannah Paints the Moon is the story of a young girl, anxious about falling asleep without the company of her favourite sleep toy, Mr. Ted, something she has never had to consider before. All of her efforts to fall asleep are to no avail. Well almost all …

Drawing on the theme of trust and friendship, Hannah Paints the Moon paints a picture of how young children can draw strength from within themselves, their family, friends and fond memories at a time when they may be anxious, frightened or facing a new challenge. This is lovingly captured in using a very common, everyday scenario; Hannah drawing on her happiest memories, a love of painting and her closest friend to help her drift off to sleep.

Hannah is a real girl, the daughter of author Chris White, and this story is an amalgam of some of the stories and advice he has told his three daughters (including older teenage siblings Megan and Emma) at various times to help them fall to sleep when they have had something other than sleep on their mind.

Chris continues to read to his three girls every night, bringing the family altogether in one calm place.

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