going bananas: vegan ninja 2

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June 18, 2020
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going bananas: vegan ninja 2

by Paul Maguire

Does our world drive you nuts sometimes?

Overwhelmed by humanity’s waste and destruction, fake ‘progress’ and pandemic virus fears?

Then going bananas: vegan ninja 2 is the cookbook for you.

Yes, a cookbook.

With 73 fantastic plant-based recipes.

And much, much more.

It’s a must-read personal and global commentary that puts food in its place.

You could say it’s an ‘ecosophical cookbook’ as it blends ecological imperative with practical philosophy and daily action.

Your next meal is crucial.

If it’s meat-and-dairy-free your health, the animal kingdom and our planet will be smiling.

If not, the world’s not lost.


A plant-based life is one of the best things we all can do to save it.

And there’s so much more to this vegan perspective.

It extends well past our kitchen table to every aspect of our existence.

In this, his second book, Hunter Valley author Paul Maguire examines how everything, and he means everything, is connected.

He investigates what makes many of us mad at times – the hero worship of money, status, power, environmental obliteration, animal cruelty, political corruption and inequity.

Coal, plastics and the impact of mankind’s exploding population are among other matters examined along with the great horse manure crisis, burning Notre Dame Cathedral, a supermarket samba and yes, coronavirus.

going bananas: vegan ninja 2 is penetrating, sometimes funny and very relevant in these uncertain times.

Paul ponders how the smartest, most powerful species ever could also be so prodigiously stupid.

‘What’s the biggest threat to our planet and why do individuals these days feel so disempowered?’ Paul asks.

‘The answer lies in the gap between humanity and nature.

‘We’re out of touch, it’s that simple’, he said.

But waking up to a vegan life could change all that, Paul believes.

‘It enlivens your soul’, he said.

‘You see more than what’s on your plate, you understand the interconnected nature of all life.

‘Gradually your actions align with your feelings, small actions and big ones then produce astounding results well beyond their humble beginnings.’

Paul said going bananas: vegan ninja 2 aimed to combine serious commentary with the vegan mainstay – plant-based meals that are delicious and nutritious. ‘I’ve outlined, in the book, the main issues humanity faces because we have to have a realistic idea of what’s going on before we can best deal with it’, he said. ‘There are so many ways we can exercise compassion. ‘Life is not black and white, so we have to find ways to encourage diverse solutions for the ludicrous and toxic things our species is indulging in,’ said Paul.

All profits from going bananas: vegan ninja 2 will be given to wildlife and habitat preservation, education and solar power for disadvantaged communities.

The author:

Paul Maguire was born in Australia’s Hunter Valley and still lives there with wife, Julie, in a solar, rammed-earth home on four hectares. They have five adult children and five grandchildren. Paul has always been a passionate tree-hugger and has been vegan since shortly after the turn of the century. Corruption, waste and fake ‘progress’ are his pet hates. He is a former award-winning regional newspaper journalist and his first book, vegan ninja, was published in 2015.


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