Print on Demand Production

An Indian Summer of Cricket
December 29, 2016
Market Access and Distribution
February 7, 2017

Print on Demand Production

Print on demand production brings enormous benefits to our authors.

  • There's the economy that comes with only printing books once they're ordered or sold.
  • With our world-wide network of printers, we can print books in Australia, the USA and the UK, wherever is closest to the buyer. This saves a lot of money on shipping costs.
  • Our authors can make amendments or update their books at any time.
  • Books can be printed in any quantity, from one to 1000.
  • Our books are never out of print.
  • Our books are listed and sold by some 39,000 online book-sellers worldwide.
  • We can print in colour or black and white, hardcover with dust jacket, hardcover with printed cover or paperback, and on white or cream paper stock.
  • Talk to us about publishing and printing your book.

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February 7, 2017

Market Access and Distribution

Our books are available in over 39,000 independent bookstores, book chains, libraries, schools and universities.