Alligators Aplenty

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February 7, 2017
New Books from Old – republishing your old books
March 6, 2017

Writing Bravo Zulu Volume 1

by Ian Pfennigwerth

"You’ve probably heard the old adage ‘When your backside is being bitten by alligators it is hard to remember that you set out to drain the swamp’. That’s pretty much a description of what it was like to research and write Bravo Zulu, the biggest project I’ve undertaken outside my naval experience. There were alligators aplenty and some of them administered painful bites, but look – Volume 1 of the book is available and the BZ team is putting the finishing touches to Volume 2, which is even bigger. The swamp has been drained, even though an alligator of two is bound to present itself before the new book is in print."

"It isn’t just the near-completion of the project that is important. As any author will tell you, what really counts is that his or her work appeals to its intended readership. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and generous praise readers have lavished on Bravo Zulu, and I believe that some of them have noted what we swamp-drainers perhaps did not recognise. The book is virtually a history of Australia’s navy told through the stories of those men and women chosen for distinction for their achievements and deeds with honours and awards. Now, our task is to ensure that the intended readership – the Australian public – has an opportunity to learn of these by accessing the book. If you have some ideas on how that might be achieved, I’d be glad to consider them."

Read more and buy Bravo Zulu Volume 1 here

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Alligators Aplenty

‘Writing Bravo Zulu was the biggest project I’ve undertaken outside my naval experience’. Ian Pfennigwerth