Saving Russia and raising four kids

Sabbath and the Common Good
December 29, 2016
December 29, 2016

Saving Russia and raising four kids

By Bob Breen

Schizophrenia and Solo Parenthood

In the 1960s the Law did not punish a man for leaving a wife and four kids under the age of six years to survive by themselves. The Law did not punish men for sexual discrimination, or sexual harassment in the workplace. But when these things happened, many women punished themselves with guilt and shame.

For Gwen Breen the traumas of desertion, discrimination and harassment awakened a genetic sleeping dog called 'schizophrenia'.

This book is not a story of female victimhood. It is a story of how one woman turned a battle with mental illness, guilt and shame into a life of compassion and service to others.

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